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Unlock Custom Portal for Smart TV (7 days Trial)

Free activation of Custom Portal in Smart-STB app for your Smart TV.
Valid for all supported TV's including ones in Beta testing
Try before you buy! Valid for 7 calendar days.

License included for one device.
Activaton is AUTOMATIC.

In case you see StatusID missing, please follow this:
Please start the APP , Press Enter on Loading Page, go to system settings, Device Info.

Check what is your Device MAC .

If you use an LG WebOS 3.x TV (or newer) then check what is your Software MAC.

This is the Mac you need to use here.
More info: https://smart-stb.net/index.php?_url=/kb/faq/how-to-check-mac-address-of-samsung-smart-tv
I have read the Terms and Conditions and I agree

Click here to find the TV app's MAC address.

You need a Service Provider that operates a Stalker Portal to use the app with their service.
Enter a complete Portal URL like: http://some-portal.tld/stalker_portal/c/ or http://stb-portal.provider.tld
Leave empty if you want to enter it via the TV or keep it unchanged when buying access.
You can change the Portal as many times as you like from your TV after activation.
Click here to learn How to change the Portal

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