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Buy Lifetime software license unlocking Custom Portal for Smart STB valid Forever (non-refundable)

End-User License for Smart-STB app with Lifetime unlock of Custom Portal valid Forever.

License included for one device.

License is non-refundable!
Please request a Trial and make sure app is working for you before buying!
If you change your TV we can transfer the license.

Activation is automatic but sometimes takes longer (few hours at most) to activate if anti-fraud check kicks in, or payment is delayed by Paypal for other reason. If payment gets delayed beyond few hours, please open a ticket.
If your MAC was activated in the past please login to renew!

Please start the APP , Press Enter on Loading Page, go to system settings, Device Info.

Check what is your Software MAC .

Register the app with SOFTWARE MAC to avoid StatusID error.

More info: https://smart-stb.net/index.php?_url=/kb/faq/how-to-check-mac-address-of-samsung-smart-tv

I have read the Terms and Conditions and I agree

Click here to find the Software MAC address.

You need a Service Provider that operates IPTV portal middleware to use the app with their service.

You can change the Portal as many times as you like from your TV after activation.
Click here to learn How to change the Portal

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